About us

Marks and Punctures have stringent practices in place to ensure confidence in us, and to make you feel comfortable and welcome. Please get in touch if you want to arrange a meeting to discuss what we can do for you. Please check our tattoos and piercing sections for more information. Our price list has recently been updated.


Tattooing and piercing are carried out in separate studios on the same premises. Both can be discreetly closed off from the rest of the premises so that you can be sure that, whatever the nature of the work, it is being performed in complete privacy.

Hygiene and Sterilisation

Hygiene and good practice are of the utmost concern at Marks and Punctures. Both our piercing and tattoo studios are regulated by the Environmental Health Department at the Aylesbury Vale District Council. We keep up to date with the latest developments in jewellery design, sterilisation techniques, piercing and tattooing procedure and aftercare. We want you to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your body modification is being carried out in a safe, clean environment by an experienced professional. You are also welcome to inspect our premises.

We take the sterilisation process very seriously. A state of the art vacuum autoclave is used to sterilise all non-disposable tools, forceps, jewellery, insertion tapers, tattoo machine tubes, grips and other piercing and tattooing related instruments.

Prior to being placed in the autoclave, the non-disposable instruments are soaked in a hospital-grade disinfectant (MedDis), then rinsed and placed in an ultrasonic cleaner for 30 minutes with a special cleaning powder (Rapidex) to remove any stubborn matter. They are then rinsed again in distilled water, dried and then placed in sterilisation pouches ready to be autoclaved.

Our autoclave is serviced and recalibrated at least every six months. It also produces a printed record of each sterilisation cycle which ensures that our autoclave is working perfectly and that the correct sterilisation temperature and pressure is reached every time.

Tattoo and piercing needles are single-use only. They are pre-sterilised in individual packets by the manufacturer and are opened in front of each new customer. All needles are disposed of immediately after use in a medical sharps bin, which is removed regularly and incinerated by a medical waste company.

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