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Eyebrow Piercing Aftercare

The number one reason for infection is touching and playing with the piercing. Only touch the piercing when cleaning it with clean hands!

DO clean the piercing after a shower, as the hot water will loosen any crustation on the jewellery. Dissolve a quarter of a teaspoon of sea salt (available at any supermarket or heath food store) in half a glass of warm boiled water. Soak a cotton wool ball or pad in the solution and apply it to the piercing for 2-3 minutes or until any crusting has dissolved. It’s important to remove all the crusting as otherwise it will solidify on the jewellery and tear the inside of the wound, causing pain and inflammation. Rinse with fresh water and move the jewellery very gently to ensure all crusting is removed.

You can use a NEW soft toothbrush to remove any crusting if you have a barbell. Run it under very hot water after cleaning, and make sure it’s not used for anything but cleaning the piercing.

DO dry the piercing after your shower with a clean tissue - towels harbour bacteria. Be careful to pat it dry; don’t rub it as this can aggravate the wound.

You can use lavender oil on the piercing as it promotes healing and lubricates the wound, thus reducing tenderness. Apply a small amount with a cotton bud after cleaning (don’t get it in your eye!) then move the jewellery gently so it gets into the wound. Remove any excess with a tissue, as leaving it on can irritate the skin. Lavender oil can be purchased at supermarkets (in the medicine section) or at a chemist, and must be marked BP or medicinal grade.

DO wash the piercing during meal breaks with clean water if you work in a dusty environment.

DO leave the jewellery in your piercing for at least 6 months before attempting to leave it out for longer than a day.

DO try to sleep on the opposite side as the piercing, as this reduces movement of the ring / bar.

DO keep bedding clean, especially pillowcases, to reduce chance of infection.

DO take B-vitamins with a zinc supplement, as these promote healing.

You can also use an antiseptic aftercare solution containing benzalkonium chloride. We stock this at £2.95 a bottle. It can be used for all facial piercings.

DON’T attempt to remove and re-insert the jewellery to hide the piercing, as this will hamper the healing and can lead to infection.


An eyebrow piercing takes approximately 5-6 weeks to heal, although for some people it may take longer. The better you look after the piercing, the quicker it will heal.

Eyebrow piercings can sometimes be very problematic. This is for several reasons: the skin where the piercing is done is quite thin, and contains a lot of hair follicles, and doesn’t have much fat tissue underneath to give it strength. Eyebrows are there to prevent dirt falling into the eyes, and therefore the dirt gets into the wound. Also, the piercing gets knocked around a lot when sleeping, and movement hampers the healing process.


Migration means the movement of jewellery out of the skin. In the same way that the body forces out a foreign object like a splinter, it can cause the jewellery to migrate. The amount of skin taken by the initial piercing will decrease until the jewellery eventually grows out altogether. It doesn’t matter how well the piercing is done initially, migration can still occur. However, I pierce eyebrows with small rings and barbells, which puts less pressure on the wound, and I have achieved a very good success rate using this method.

The main reason for jewellery to “grow out” is not normally migration, but because the jewellery gets knocked and banged, tearing the piercing very gradually. Be careful during the healing process and your piercing will remain in the skin with no problems.

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