We offer a huge range of piercings. Have a look at our gallery for some inspiration, or just to see what we can do. There's not much that we can't pierce, so if you don't see what you want here then please ask.

We are approved by the Local Environmental Health Department and have been a member of the European Professional Piercers' Association since 1998.

Age Restrictions

For most piercings you must be 16 or over, with valid photo ID, unless accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

For nipple piercings you must be 16+ with valid ID; for tongue piercings you must be 18+ with ID, or 16 / 17 and accompanied by a parent/legal guardian. Genital piercings and micro-dermals are strictly 18+ with ID – no exceptions!

Your Initial Piercing

As professional piercers, we use only equipment and body jewellery of the highest quality.

The jewellery used for initial body piercing is usually a bananabell, a barbell or a BCR (ball closure ring). We generally recommend bananabells or barbells for most initial piercings as they tend to heal much better. Rings are avoided if possible as they can turn and introduce bacteria into the piercing, causing problems during the healing process.

Each piece of jewellery is individually examined and sterilised prior to piercing. A new sealed needle is used every time. All pieces of equipment - e.g. clamps - are also individually wrapped and sterilised. Please see about for more information about our sterilisation and hygiene procedures.

The price of piercing varies depending on the type of jewellery used. We use titanium BCRs, barbells and bananabells, with single and double jewelled options available. Jewellery is also available in Blackline (PVD coated titanium) and Zircon Gold, a safe alternative to real gold. Please see our price list for more specific information, or visit us to have a look for yourself at our extensive range.

PLEASE NOTE - the use of 316L surgical steel is now illegal for initial piercings due to its high nickel content, which does not comply with the new EU nickel sensitisation law (EU directive 94/27/EC), although it may be used safely in healed piercings. Instead, we use the medical grade titanium alloy Ti-6Al-AV (used since 1950 for medical implants), PTFE (Teflon) and titanium coated with titanium nitride (as used in hospitals to coat pacemakers and orthopaedic implants). All the metals we use conform to the new EU directive.

Other Jewellery

Already been pierced? We have a huge range of body jewellery to suit all manner of piercings, in a wide variety of sizes, gauges, lengths and colours. We offer jewellery in surgical steel, medical grade titanium, niobium, gold, Bio-Plast medical plastic, Blackline, Zircon Gold, acrylic, glass, wood, bone and horn.

We hold approximately 150 different types of navel bar, 50 different types of rings and 15 different types of labret stud, including the new 'micro gem' variety. These have a very small gem which is safe to wear once your piercing has healed properly.

We also stock eyebrow bars, ear studs, nipple jewellery, tongue bars, specialist genital jewellery, surface piercing jewellery, fake nipple and fake stretch jewellery as well as heaps of stretched piercing jewellery, including plugs, tunnels, stretch kits and flesh tubes. Furthermore, we stock hundreds of add-ons, including screw on gems, spikes, UV pieces and clip in accessories.

Basically, if you've got a piercing, we've got something to go in it! If we don’t have exactly what you want then don’t be afraid to ask - chances are we will be able to get something in for you.

Our jewellery prices are very competitive and you have the advantage of having it fitted free if required. We will always correctly size your jewellery before a sale, and even bend or re-shape it to better fit your body if required. Stretching is also done for free if you buy your jewellery from us.

Have a look at our gallery to see some of what is available.

If you want to know more, or your question isn't covered here or in the frequently asked questions, Then please feel free to call, email or pop in to the shop for a chat.

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