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Tongue Piercing Aftercare

DO use an anti-inflammatory / painkiller such as Nurofen Plus or ibuprofen. This will ease any discomfort in the early healing stage and, more importantly, reduce swelling. Antibacterial / anti-inflammatory throat lozenges (such as Difflam) can also be very helpful.

You must rinse your mouth with an antiseptic / antibacterial mouthwash after eating any food for the first two weeks after receiving the piercing. It must be diluted with water to a quarter of its normal strength. If you use neat mouthwash, it will kill the natural enzymes in the mouth which help healing.

DO wait a minimum of 7 days before changing to a smaller barbell. If you change it too quickly, it may swell up again.

DO remove any plaque that builds up on the jewellery. Remove this very gently with a toothbrush during the healing period. After it has healed you can use an anti-plaque mouthwash, and be sure to remove the jewellery once a month for cleaning.

DO check that the balls are screwed on tight at least once a week. Use rubber or latex gloves if possible to get a good grip.

DO be very careful when you first start eating solid food to take very small bites. Be careful when you chew to keep your tongue level in your mouth so that the jewellery doesn’t knock against your teeth, and so you don’t bite the barbell and shatter a tooth! This is much less of a problem when a smaller barbell is inserted.

DO keep plenty of cold water in the fridge, and add lots of ice. Sipping gently will alleviate swelling, especially first thing in the morning when the swelling will be worse, as when you have been lying down all night the blood goes to your head.

DO eat lots of cold foods like ice cream and frozen yoghurt, suck on crushed ice or small ice blocks and drink lots of iced water as this will alleviate pain and reduce swelling.

DON’T talk too much while you have the first barbell in, because the barbell is longer (to accommodate swelling) and excessive movement will cause the barbell to cut or split the top of the wound. This does not cause a problem when the swelling goes down and a smaller barbell is inserted.

DON’T eat or drink things that are hot! This can be painful during healing, as the metal barbell will attract heat. Also keep away from spicy foods, such as chilli and curry as these can increase the swelling during healing.

DON’T use undiluted mouthwash, as this kills the mouth’s natural healing enzymes and can also cause ulceration.

DON’T put anything dirty in the mouth such as fingernails or pens. You must also refrain from oral sex for the first two weeks. This includes kissing, even if you are in a monogamous relationship.

DON’T play with the piercing or chew on it during the healing period as this can cause excess scar tissue formation and delay healing.

DON’T remove or replace the jewellery during the healing period, as the hole closes up very quickly and it is painful to reinsert jewellery once this has happened. Even when the piercing has healed, it can close up after a single day if you remove the jewellery. If your barbell comes out, return to your piercer A.S.A.P. for re-insertion.

If you need to have hospital or dental treatment which calls for the removal of your barbell, we do stock special P.T.F.E. (Teflon) barbells which will not interfere with medical equipment. We also have tongue retainers, which are clear plastic barbells that hide tongue piercings.

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